Hi, My name is sulayman

The problem is that I have under gone a lot of stress to an extent that I have been having nose bleeds and huge anxiety attacks. The reason for this is mainly to do with education, family and girl problems.

1) Education is really stressing me out and I always knew it would but I was in hospital just over 2 months and have missed out on a lot of work and have been struggling to catch up ever since and it feel like work just piles on top of my head and it is overwhelming me and it is just playing in my head constantly making me feel more and more anxious everyday.

2) My family have twisted culture into religion by forcing me to do things, wear things and eat things that are deemed as "sunnat" and "good for you" plus they are stuck in the past and still believe in housewives and believe men are the best and girls are not important and they are too oblivious to see the world around them and how it has changed. Plus they are not the loving parents that you might seem because the forced my elder brother to go to an islamic boarding school for 19 years of his life and this was all against his will so as he did gain knowledge about life and Islam he came back as a horrid human with a short temper that has been physically shown to me and other people but even though he understands me. I am scared to open up to him because he might hurt or kill me (no exaggeration). Because when I grew up as a middle child I was doing all the chores and tidying but on top of that my parents expected me to work hard and get top grades but till this day I still get shouted and belittled at no matter what I do. I feel like my parents are not my parents anymore and I know that is against Islam but what am I meant to do? I have been isolated for many years and it making me want to pack my bags and leave.

3) Finally, I have this girl issue where I have met a girl and have been talking for over 9 months and really got to know each other and she makes me the happiest guy on earth even though I am in a bad situation I have stayed away from sexual relationships and plan to until I am am married and she understands and gives me her full support. She has helped my studies and mature and become a better person and I have helped her the same way. But the problem is that she is non religious and is half Chinese and Sri Lankan meaning my Bengali parents will not accept and I would happily move away but I need the funds and I am too scared. This girl has helped my soo much in 9 months than my parents did in my whole life she has stopped me from killing myself, which I know is forbidden but I had no where to go in life and she has kept me on a clean course and away from violence.

So my brothers and sisters out there PLEASE help me because I don't know what to do in my life anymore and I really want to be with this girl.