I am an American born Muslim however my parents are non practicing.
My mom is from here, she was born into a Christian family, but believes Islam to be the truth. My dad is from overseas.

Growing up my family told me "You are Muslim" & that's it. No prayer, no fasting, no anythingI have maybe seen my dad pray twice in my whole life. He never goes to the local Mosque. He claims it's because he has to stay at his work, that he can't leave (he owns his own business). He does not pray or anything religious unless it is to hurt my mom. He uses religion to hurt her.

My dad is very emotionally abusive to everyone around him. He is nice to the people who work for him but is very mean to my mom. He hits her and calls her evil names.He gets angry at nothing. He is filled with hate.My mom is very sweet & hardworking. She has severe depression since she was a kid. She is far away from religion as well but because she resents the way her life has turned out.My dad tells me that he is my blood & that my mom is not my blood.

The more and more abusive he is the further away from Islam & prayer I want to be. Praying, fasting, going to the Mosque...makes HIM happy...and I want to be as far away from him as possible.I am an Arab but I want to be as far away from anything resembling "Arab" as possible.

I believe in Islam & love God, but I hate Arab men. :cry: