As-Salaam alaikum,
Allah Ta'ala Ordained Sallah as an obligation 5 times a day for us... the Prophet Muhammad's Community. It was give to him, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, on the night of the ascension as the greatest gift from our Creator to all those who have faith... all believers who will be his true followers. The ritual prayer (Sallah) is the pillow of the Islamic Religion, and is the basis of Imaan (faith). Concerning Sallah, the Prophet, alaihi salaat was salaam, said:--

"Everything has a symbol and the symbol of faith is the Sallah.
The ritual prayer [Sallah] is the light of my eyes."

"Wrongdoing believers who merit hell will have their whole bodies
burnt by the fire. Only those organs that make prostation [Sujud]
to Allah will be unaffected. Therefore, perform Sallah with your
whole form and heart."

"If a person does not perform the Prayer, it is as if he has not
adopted any religion."

Sallah, in a way, means to pray and to bless... It represents a Divine favour to all believers. While we pray, Allah reveals Himself and dispenses His Mercy towards us. In other words, Allah Ta'al blesses the worshipper with His Presence... as we read it in a Hadith Qudsi where He says:--

"I witness the invocation of he who invokes Me"... and the Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, in another Hadith said:--

"In truth, Allah is present in the qibla of the person who is praying."

Thus the ritual prayer [Sallah] is designed with such perfection that while offering it, the one praying... the believer will immediately accomplish a deep communion with Allah, Most High Lord of the Universe. So, keep to the 5 Daily Prayers and other Nawafil or voluntary prayers regularly for life.