As-Salaam alaikum,

He who falls or leaves everything worldly behind his or her back, literally jumps into the sweet oceans of Tawheed... Unity... where you will never quench your thirst; you will always be thirsty for more LOVE of Allah Ta'ala; like someone who is taking salt and is always thirsty. That is why of the 5 pillars of Islam-- Shahadah, Sallaat, Zakkat, Hajj and Fasting in Ramadan-- in the last one you get thirsty.

In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah Ta'ala said:--

"AS-SAWMU LEE WA ANAA AJZEE BIH.... FASTING IS FOR ME, AND I WILL REWARD IT." "Ramadan is for Me''; you are fasting for Me in Oneness Oceans. I will dip you in and dress you in Oceans of Tawheed..." and on the Day of Judgement, those who so fasted for Allah will be called... 'Ayna's-saa'imoon... Where are those who are fasting...who fasted.." and they enter a door to Paradise called ''AR-RAYYAN''-- which means the door of 'quenched thirst'.