As-Salaam alaikum,

In the mystic accounts spoken from the lips of the Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, it is related that in the realm of pre-eternity, Divine Reality is a Hidden Treasure. There is no form, no light, no heavens, on earth nothing of creation is/was there. Sublime Reality speaks of this, "I WAS A HIDDEN TREASURE, UNKNOWN AND UNKNOWABLE. DESIRING T BE KNOWN, I BROUGHT FORTH FROM MY ESSENCE THE LIGHT OF HUMANITY."

In mystical Islam, the name of this Light is Nur Muhammad. It is called by distinct names in all traditions, each indicating the same primal essence. As the light bursts forth from the Hiddenness, it ceaselessly proclaims: 'LA ILAHA ILLALLAH' And Divine Sublimity responds: 'MUHAMMADUN-RASULULLAH'-- Humanity is My hidden Treasure, My Representative in creation, the mirror in which I gaze. By humanity am I known, Praised and Loved.

Humanity manifests LA-ILAHA ILLALLAH, expressing My own secret. This Mystery of original manifestation is not located in a historical past-- it is an ever- unfolding splendor in the eternal Now.