As-Salaam alaikum,

Allahu Tabaraka Wa Ta'ala, the Creator and Nourisher of the Universe, permits the earth to make her declarations daily on her request. It is a counsel to all of us, we should take heed. The earth says:--

"O Son of Adam, you run on my back and [your] end is in inside me. You rebel on my back, and you
will be punished inside of me. You laugh on my back and will weep inside of me. You gather things
unlawfully on my back, but you will be dissolved inside me. You walk very happily on my back, but
sorrow awaits you inside me.

You walk about in the light on my back and you will sit in darkness inside me. You walk about with
others but you remain [lonely] inside me. You swagger on my back and you will be humble inside me.

I am the house of isolation and loneliness, scorpions and snakes! I am the house of darkness, worms
and what have you prepared?"

Due to these declarations, the grave calls out 5 times daily that:--

"I am an isolation house, so try to make yourself a companion of the Qur'an. I am a darkness house,
endeavor to be illuminated in me with the light of prayer; I am an abode of earth therefore work for
your bed which is righteousness. I am the house of vipers, so carry an antidote of 'BISMILLAHIR-
RAHMANIR-RAHEEM and the shedding of tears.

I am the house of the questions from Munkar and Nakir- do much of LA-ILAHA ILLALLAHU on my back
in order to provide answers."

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