As-Salaam alaikum,

Sometimes some people find it confusing as to what specifically entails entry into Paradise or al-Jannah, and Salvation from Hell-Fire or Jahannam. One of the sayings of Sayyadi Sufyan alThawri, may Allah be Merciful to him, helps resolve this, when he said:--

"Being saved from hell is from Allah's Forgiveness, entry into Paradise is from Allah's
Mercy, and your place and rank in Jannah is from your Good Deeds."

In view of this, we should therefore, think and/or take it into account that Allah's Forgiveness (Exalted and Glorified is He) to us would ultimately mean our freedom from hell; and Allah's Mercy to us would mean entry into His Paradise. And the good deeds we are given the chance to perform in this world would result in some relatively high rank/place being assigned to us in Jannah/Paradise.

For example, in a certain Hadith, we are told that being in the first row in Sallah or eating Suhur are rewarded with Mercy, which is connected to entry to Paradise/Jannah. And in yet another Hadith, we learnt about forgiven minor sins for reciting certain Du'a or azkar, entail with them hope of freedom from hell/jahannam.... just as Imam Ibn Qayyim observed:--

"The people of Heaven and the people of Hell all do good things.
The question is who avoids bad things."