As-Salaam alaikum,

As you are aware, there are 5 pillars upon which Islam is built and these are:--

1. Tawheed

2. Sallah

3. Zakkat

4. Fasting and

5. Hajj

Whoever believes and practices these 5 is a Muslim. Briefly, the immediate benefits one can get from these pillars of Islam are that:--

1. The SHAHADA or Tawheed (Belief and leading a life in which you hold that no god truly deserves to be worshiped except Allah)
curbs Shirk or associating Allah, the One True God/Creator of the Cosmos, with anything in worship.

2. Sallah... the 5 daily Prayers curb arrogance and pride in a Muslim's life.

3. Zakkat:- It curbs greed and undue love of the world and its allurements.

4. Fasting: Curbs flaws of the tongue, anger and shahawat or vain desires.

5. Hajj: This curbs everything negative... that is why it is only required once in a lifetime. An accepted Hajj does away with all our faults.

In view of this, we should faithfully stick to the 5 pillars of Islam accordingly.
Best Regards.