Dear, brothers, and sisters,

I want to discuss with you most important question which is in my mind for many days. But, I am confused what should I do. I did much research regarding “Why Umrah Booking is Necessary for Advance” but, still mixed-up. It’s my first to visit Makkah and Madinah with my family, therefore, I'm biting conscious of it.

What Is the Best Age to Perform Hajj? because children and my grandparents are along with us for Umrah 2018.

Now, I am sharing my research with you guys regarding booking in advance. If something is wrong and unrelated then please correct me.

Save Big

The main benefit of booking in advance is travelers can get cheap and discounted fare flights. We should avail this opportunity.


Booking in advance can save your time because in the holidays seasons, there is the rush of travelers and everyone wants to go their desired destination.

Time to Find Reliable Agent

This is the best time to find the reliable agent that can guide you everything regarding Umrah. Therefore, advance booking is important.

Desired Hotels to Stay

You can get chance to book your desired hotel if your booking in advance. Because most of the people want to stay near Holy Haram and Prophet’s Mosque. Hotels are quickly filled during peak seasons.

So, these are some points that I have collected from online research. But, I think it's not enough. Therefore, I need your suggestions and help, what should I do??? Advance Booking is better or not??? Please give me your opinion.