View Full Version : I can't stop thinking about my ex husband

01-10-2017, 01:53 PM
asalamu aleykum

I got married 3 years ago to my husband and have a 2 year old son with him. we had problems in our marriage mainly due to inlaws because i lived with them. also i never used to clean or help around the house much. in saying that, i really loved my husband and he also loved me.

whenever my husband would fight with me, he would give me talaq. he gave me talaq when my son was 2 months for not helping around the house. we got together with a new marriage contract. he gave me a second talaq and he gave me the third talaq after i shouted at him during a fight.

we both still love each other and regret getting divorced over issues that can be easily solved. now im a single mother raising my child which i feel sorry for. i cant stop thinking about my ex husband and wish we didnt get divorced over minor things. i regret my life and feel depressed about destroying the home and my childs life. my ex sees our son regularly and i cant stop thinking about him and wish i could get back to him. any advice?

12-14-2017, 09:57 AM
Now, he is Non-Maharam for you. Kindly, stop thinking about him. You should try another marriage, not try, definitely, do the second Nikah and spend a happy life. May help you. Ameen.