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  1. I frequently lose temper and misbehave (which I shouldnít) because my family prefers
  2. How should a Muslim react (within himself) when he sees a disabled person? Should be
  3. I know keeping beard is compulsory and it is sin to shave it. I shave it due to prema
  4. God is infinitely merciful. Then why does he allow so much suffering, I know this wor
  5. Please help correct my understanding. If I want something, I make dua to that particu
  6. Sometimes I watch cooking shows/cleaning videos on yt and the shows have women not co
  7. If someone misses the zuhr, asr, maghrib and ishaa prayers should he pray all of them
  8. I work at a mixed Islamic school in Malaysia where many haram things happen (kids pro
  9. I have missed many fasts in my school and college days as i was finding it difficult
  10. Is it permissible to view someoneís exam result on the internet (by putting in his or
  11. I prayed Isha five rakahs (dont know if its 5 or 4 but I really feel like its 5) beca
  12. I came to back in home country india, as purpose to settle back , after leaving 21 ye
  13. Can we offer pray without Holding/Folding Hands .Can we Offer Zohar 4 sunnat afer far
  14. Can someone get full reward for congregation prayer if those behind me are all minors
  15. Shaikh, is it possible to buy a house in Canada in a halal way? Is there any way I ca
  16. As a normal Muslim, I wanted to know what exactly is it that I can do for Syria that
  17. Donít you think that the muslims of 21st century, have forgotten about jihad and they
  18. On wedding ceromonies are we allowed to kiss our mothers fathers and brides mother fa
  19. a hadees was circulated on whatsapp that one must not drink water on an empty stomach
  20. My cousin recently got engaged and now they meet each other in absence of muharram. T
  21. It has been said and advised by many that umrah or hajj is not accepted or it should
  22. 1)what is the waiting period of a widowed woman above 60whose husband died because of
  23. How do jinn possess a person and how can we avoid it?
  24. I swore by the name of Allah while I was teaching and I got angry at my sisters and I
  25. I was pregnant last yearÖ. So I didnít fast the whole month of Ramadan, I want to mak
  26. if son disrespects his father is father allowed to curse him in that case? And is fat
  27. Last Ramadan some members could not Fast at all due to various family oppression. Fo
  28. My question is, when a person has a need to yawn or sneeze, it is best practice to sa
  29. Sheikh prophet muhammad pbuh said that whoever makes his goal this world will lead a
  30. I have a question about ghusl that does it become obligatory to perform ghusl with pr
  31. Is a person rewarded for reading quran without wudu ? Can we read quran without perfo
  32. If person ĎAí has asked person ĎBí not to inform person ĎCí about an issue but the pe
  33. can a woman or man dye their hair black?.
  34. My question is now a days in islam many sects presents quran and sahih hadith to prov
  35. I have a (Christian) colleague who reverted to Islam. However, his wife was already a
  36. Can we speak during our wudhu,if someone asks us something or says Salaam,should we r
  37. I will just come on to my question straight away without wasting any time. I
  38. sheikh,i really want to become an islamic scholar but finding it difficult to discove
  39. I sell ladies accessories and I have a pair of shoes that are aimed for cat lovers. I
  40. Iím trying to get over my obsessions.In Salah sometimes I keep getting thoughts that
  41. I am female with 5.1 ft height and my fiancy has around 5.9 ft height ..I have person
  42. Is it an authentic hadeeth that whoever makes dua for his/her parents after every pra
  43. Brother, if I regularly delay my Fajr prayer till the end of the prescribed time due
  44. With regard to the 7 bones in prostration, is the nose a part? That is, should the no
  45. I work at an Islamic school in Malaysia. I spoke with the owner to explain that mixi
  46. I went to Sears(a shop) to buy garments.I was unable to say to the salesman that it i
  47. whats the actual method of doing Rafaedaen in Salat.please guide
  48. when i walk with my father some times i walk front of him. Is it a sin?
  49. Is it allowed to attend a wedding celebration of a non Muslim if they invite us to at
  50. Sometimes when I am making a woodoo at the masjeed, the time for prayer sets in and I
  51. 1) Do we shave Pubic hair before 40 days? If we donít the prayer is not acceptable? I
  52. Is it allow to speak or say something in the bath room or toilet?
  53. Shiekh , we are group of female in whats app every one of us reads one juz till finis
  54. I just heard some routine follow up in India According to them prawns and cra
  55. M a 19 year old female stdent and lately I feel depressed and unmotivted 2 do anythin
  56. If one has attend the age(say the age is bw 25 26) of marriage ,one he wants to get m
  57. My friend had asked me to officiate her wedding. Her and her fiancť are not religious
  58. I work at an Islamic school where sometimes a male teacher, female teacher and very y
  59. If Im unintentionally late for Dhuhr and only have time to start Dhuhr but not finish
  60. Sheikh I donít know how to speak Arabic I just know some words in Arabic. In sujood w
  61. sheikh, is bitcoin halal in islamic point or view?
  62. My question is i am studing in pakistan in co education university, almost in pakista
  63. If a person joins the imam if he is in ruku has he caught the Rakah in SILENT prayers
  64. sheikh someone I know wants to get surgery to correct her jaws, sheís so traumatised
  65. since i cant make up for my past salah as it was missed delibretly and i have repente
  66. Iím a Jewish revert to islam. I would like to know if it is haram to eat meat with da
  67. Sheikh, my monthly period never last longer than 6th or 7th days, but this month, on
  68. Suppose a man wear a silver ring as a amulet. Then he become know the truth about amu
  69. What is the meaning of the Hadeeth: ďBy Allah, there is no-one more jealous
  70. There is a party who have tawheedi aqeedah they do not shirk or bidah but only they s
  71. Shiek, here in our community we always make qunoot every fajr prayer. Our imam is a t
  72. Must I recite Bismillah before I started another surah after reciting surah fathia wh
  73. I have something that keeps on bothering me about last year Fasting (Ramadan)immediat
  74. Shiekh if someone performs ghusl on Thursday after magrib will he b rewarded for juma
  75. A good friend of mine wants to buy a property, but needs to take out a loan. The issu
  76. I converted to Islam in America and my family is still nonmuslim. My mother used to w
  77. Is it okay to give Zakah to our blood relatives when they are in extreme need without
  78. shaykh what is the ruling on reading Harry Potter books
  79. How do we know which Sufi is not deviant ? Who are sufis? What is their origin? What
  80. What is the punishment for forgetting a learnt section of the Quran? Is the punishmen
  81. Sir Iím very confused in whether to recite dua in your mother tongue in salaah or not
  82. Sheikh if my earning is not halaal I know Allaah wonít accept my dua since my food is
  83. Sheikh a person knew that having a tattoo was sinful but had it anyway. AlhAm
  84. A personís parents had some shares of some companies which use mixed funding (debt +e
  85. How many stones do you throw at shaytan during hajj and on what days? Please
  86. in my company benefits in UAE i recieve medical insurance as a benefit and if i don
  87. If I pray witr as 3 consecutive rakah, then do I sit mutawarrikan or muftarishan in t
  88. Today I prayed fajr around 15 min before shuroq without any excuse. Have I prayed on
  89. Is it permissible to earn through YouTube as most of the revenue is based on ads?
  90. Ya sheikh is it possible for a man to ask his jinn to ask his fellow jinn to find out
  91. My question us about burial of prophet Muhammad saw. Was he(saw) buried third day aft
  92. shiekh,what to read at the time of earthquake?
  93. can I make dua by raising my hands when am in my monthly circle?
  94. I was raised in the UK and transgressed against the rights of some non Muslims during
  95. Is it okay if we do not speak or just cut with a relative who we know practices black
  96. Please could you tell me if itís permissable to take out insurance needed for a healt
  97. Can I use the below supplication to send salawat to the prophet? ??????????
  98. Is the fate of husband and wife effects each other? One of my known person had a good
  99. Kitab at-Tawheed Chapter: 1 [Ep.-5]
  100. Sheikh, is it okay to take medical marijuana, my doctor priscribed edible or smoking
  101. i would just like like to know when doing masah of head in wudu does the entire head
  102. I pray Isha behind Imam and then after Isha I offer witr in Masjid and come back home
  103. Do we have to seek refuge with Allah from Shaytaan and say bismillah before saying a
  104. I follow a user who posts Islamic content online. However, he recently shared a joke
  105. Iím really confused and stuck on what to do. Over the past 14 months, Iíve gone throu
  106. How do i offer salah in a vehicle when travelling from one city to another and the ve
  107. I want to know about the correctness of Hizb ut Tharir. Should we follow them or not
  108. There is a post circulating these days claiming that itís beneficial to use Allahís n
  109. can we fast for someone who is terminally ill, and give the reward to her / or ask Al
  110. I have sister from my mother side who always try to create problems involved in shirk
  111. ďPractice what you preachĒ. Does this mean, If I dont pray TAHAAJJUD prayer, I dont h
  112. If a girl donít wear Abayah is it a sin? Can a girl go to hell because of thi
  113. Is it permissible to make a weekly or monthly day for any occasion and celebrate it a
  114. what is the dua to be recited when overpowered by people or on a whole by the creatio
  115. I constantly see the number 777 at different places in last 8 months. For example at
  116. I intended to give a piece of gold of mine to one of my family member as charity. But
  117. A sister always assumed that one is encouraged to do Istikhara ONLY if one has some s
  118. Here in India, It is a common practice once the dead is buried, at the time of finish
  119. I have missed saying takbeer after first tashahhud because of my mistake while readin
  120. A woman was ignorant of the fact that there were traces on nail paint on her nails af
  121. kindly suggest what should be done in this situation: There is a Nikkah ceremony of
  122. Few years back only i came to know what is islam.Now I know the basic of Islam my par
  123. As there is jannah beneath a motherís feet, it is an advantage to the child only. wha
  124. Can little girls go out for shopping or playing some time after maghrib when the sun
  125. Do we have to read the tasbih 15 times in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th before reciting Surah
  126. What is the ruling of Masturbation in Islam for men and women? I have heard that it c
  127. is there such a hadith that states, Whoever is the first to give another person the n
  128. if a person who wears a tread to his hand just for fashion the same type of thread th
  129. I want to know that if we want to send salutations on our beloved Prophet (peace and
  130. I have a really bad habit of imagining things. I have now gone to another level of th
  131. can you let me know who can do hajj on a personís behalf?
  132. I saw a Shia say Aisha deviated &this is from Quran 66:4. I looked at verse &it says
  133. I would like to know more on Aqeedah (Beliefs). I would be very grateful to you if yo
  134. If someone ask his wife I divorce u ,I divorce u but third time he didnít use the wor
  135. Im going through a problem which i feel even sorrow to discuss about it or to ask any
  136. I took khula one month back.i m in iddat right now.but i always had irregular mensura
  137. Is Salatul Tasbih an innovation?
  138. Shaykh.i am 20 years old and I do not know arabic.I want to learn the proper recitati
  139. My father has undergone a surgery and then he prayed the fard prayers by doing tayamm
  140. Is it ok to collect data (like annual revenue, company URL, Industry, Ownership type,
  141. If somebody buys something from one supermaket and find an offer for the same in an a
  142. Is it true that a dua can change your destiny?
  144. I got married last January. During my first Ramadan after marriage my one year was no
  145. I joined a course 3 days before named YES+ but i was unaware about their doings. They
  146. I want to ask that is it permissible to pray from Allah with Prophetís Waseela(?????)
  147. Please is it permissible for a lady to accept proposal from a non practicing Muslim (
  148. My husband gave me first one talaq without any valid reason just because his mother t
  149. I have seen an arabic cartoon which shows an animated version of shaytan.is [1] it pe
  150. When should I do miswak for salah:in the wudu,before the wudu or after it?
  151. Iím leaving my present job after working for 7 months. Is it permissible for me to sh
  152. A Muslim shud b contentd & satisfied with his share of RIZQ because that is been fixd
  153. I wanted to know that if out of the blue, a thought appears in our minds that is shi
  154. Moulana I have new born baby girl Alhumdulila on this Wednesday i want to do hadeeqa
  155. Do you say Astaghfirullah hulalAdheem alladhi la illaha illa huwwal hayul kayum wa a
  156. Is it permissible for the male cousin of the groom to attend a wedding in a room wher
  157. A friend of mine is not able to take pills to stop her menstruation due to medical re
  158. I am now 39weeks.my doctor checked for the dilation of the cervix today hence I am bl
  159. My question is regarding wearing red. I know pure red is forbidden for men bu
  160. I would like to know Reciting Athan to newborn babyís ear is permissible sunnah? An
  161. Iím married to a man who doesnít perform prayer and when I remind him to pray he just
  162. After fajr salah and say after half an hour after that can a person sleep and later t
  163. When I join the congregation late then in the last Tashahud with the congregation sho
  164. sheihk, wanted to ask if im in kitchen or doing any kind of work can i put on surah f
  165. I come from a family dat is not practising i just sarted practising in my late teens:
  166. A sister asks: What is the penalty of a person who kissed somebody else while beeing
  167. If a surah after fatihah is omitted then. Will his prayer be invalid
  168. If one decides to give certain amount of money as sadka but then does not give it. Is
  169. my sister has asked this query, when I shared with her about prostration of thankfuln
  170. When a person sits in a gathering wherein the people are engaging in talks and discus
  171. Is there any forbidden times that you are not allowed to pray tahiyyat-ul masjid?
  172. Recently few of my friends are adding fake experience in their resumes and taking up
  173. The deobandi friend about whom i asked u some days ago asked us a question. She asked
  174. Is it necessary to completely shave all pubic hair or is it okay to trim/ cut short i
  175. What will happen to a person who died wuthout single namaz(even juma and eid) and no
  176. is masturbation halal if youíre afraid of falling into zinah
  177. After a girl had her nikkah, she has a wedding reception and in that she wants some o
  178. Can we women wear loose, slitly loose or tight trousers or jeans with very long shirt
  179. My grand father worked in insurance company . How can he get no punishment from Allah
  180. Who r the scholars? I know there is difference between scholars and daee or preacher,
  181. There are women wearing a hijaab and while showing a small portion of the hair (the f
  182. Can we use interest money in our account to pay taxes on our properties in india. Th
  183. Is it obligatory to kiss/touch black stone,like even if I am abe to do it,but I do no
  184. I go to a public school and we are not allowed to miss or leave school on Fridays so
  185. my question is in regards to tahajud/witr, is the end time for tahjud/witr just befor
  186. My brother is excessively rude and a bully gor all the family.my sister and i are mar
  187. As a gift I was given a bracket that has a hamsa (with no eye on it). Is this shirk/a
  188. In the very unfortunate event that I realize that my awrah is not properly covered wh
  189. Please tell me any prayers to b done for getting married soon. I hear people asking m
  190. Hope you are in best of health and imaan. Me and my wife married in October 2013 but
  191. I would like to know if it is permissible to go to a surprise party for someone who i
  192. What should i do if my relatives are not religious? Should i visit them? How can brin
  193. Someone reports his boss at work for a criminal act. The boss gets into trouble, and
  194. Are we allowed to recite Qurían if we have madhi in our pants or do we have to wash i
  195. I have all conditions to give my husband khula but I have a 3 yr old daughter whose c
  196. I would like to memorize the Qurían. I know some surahs but I am forgetting t
  197. After sexual intercourse is it safe to make wudu and sleep or compulsory to take show
  198. I have anal sphincter(incompetency to control gas or stool). I donít have control ove
  199. Is it right to do wadhoo after completing bath before wearing clothes,
  200. Sheikh. I am a Structural Engineer working in the UK. I wanted to know if I am allowe
  201. if i have given loan to a poor and needy and they are unable to return it to me can i
  202. If my husbands helps my parents with some money with the niyyah of sadaqah.. is it pe
  203. I have haram money saved up, can I use this money to pay off the people that I stole
  204. Can the spouse establish relationship after the menses are finished but the woman has
  205. thanks for the work you are doing. Iam a lady with African type of hair (hard hair).a
  206. Can a mother and father both wash the dead body of their infant, together? And what i
  207. is it true that when leaving home person should recite Ayat AL Kursi and Allah will a
  208. If i am behind the imam and im reciting the opening dua and he starts to recite fathi
  209. I joined the jama for dhuhr salah a few minutes late and before I could complete my f
  210. One wall separates our house from our neighbour (kafir), you can hear all whenever yo
  211. I have been asked by my wifeís parents to fetch them from a bidíah ceremony (katam),
  212. In Canada, the mosque i go to that is close and convenient (as there is no other mosq
  213. sheikh, my question is how do I get my mind to fully be at tawwakul in every situatio
  214. My question is regarding using Perfumes which contain Alcohol.
  215. There is a Islamic institute and they teach Quran and college study free.usually poor
  216. What is the reward for the person who takes part in the washing of the body and for t
  217. If I sleep soon after praying isha (used miswak and with wudhu), will it satisfy the
  218. When we sacrifice goat for a new born, who deserve the meat??? Is it family members o
  219. Many people in my country say that Kohl came from the mountain that collapesed when A
  220. The hadith of Ibn Abbass RidhiyallaahuíAnhoumaa about the kursi being the footstool o
  221. Sheikh it is true that if the muadzin/bilal calling for jumuía prayer, and then i hav
  222. Whatís the point of me performing salat when I know for a fact that A
  223. How to get hoor in paradise?
  224. Shaykh Iíve read many hadeeth about seeking knowledge like whoever treds a path to kn
  225. I wanted to ask do we have to follow one specific school of thought? And if so which
  226. A barelwi sufi scholer insults the people of sunnah and he says we have a incorrect v
  227. how do ladies wipe their head in wudhu if they have a braid please?
  228. my question is if adults are praying and one happen to fall unconscious and falls to
  229. I m in a trouble please give me suggestion. Is metalic watch licit or not in islam?
  230. Is it permissible to make an extra sujood after a fard salah to ask for forgiveness o
  231. i am a student and i had to stay in another city to compete alongwith my mam,5 class
  232. Is it true that Satan Urinates in the ear of that person who missed FAJR?
  233. I wanted to ask if we should say Alhamdulillah if we sneeze while offering Salah or n
  234. Do we consider the very day a child is born to get the 7 days of aqiqah
  235. Is it ok to take oaths like saying if i get job or my this particular problem gets so
  236. Lately I have realized that I have a problem regarding utilizing my time. I want to r
  237. A man ws drvng d car on d highway.a man happns t cross d road al of d suddn.As its a
  238. Can I give the Money for breaking a vow to orphanage . Send it to a p
  239. Sheikh, I heard that when one makes a dua for something, it is good to make it consis
  240. A brotherís father in his lifetime used to oppress and beat up many poor people unjus
  241. I have friends who say that one should pray ayatul qursi and clap and revolve their i
  242. I am a convert, and I am planning to stay for good in Philippines for good and Iím p
  243. Is it permissible to see the ???? of the same sex as you. Obv not in a deliberate wei
  244. When outside the prayer ,you doing zikar or glorifying allah or praising and during t
  245. please could you advise if a widowed mother of 4 children passes away and she only ow
  246. My question is that after Friday prayers afer Salam the imam use to make dua while pe
  247. My family was involved in a motor vehicle accident, and as with law in Canada I order
  248. Sheikh can i jog to and from the masjid? Walking is boring. Jogging w
  249. When the best time to ask for dua in salaat. Can we ask dua after every fard prayer t
  250. Is it permissible to marry a girl (who is a less practising Muslimah) but if she prom