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  1. Umar II on Kindness: None is kind but that Allah will be kind to him
  2. Hadith on Charity: Good deeds protect us from an evil fate in the Hereafter
  3. Hadith on Lies: The believer may commit many sins but can never lie
  4. Hadith on Treachery: Years of deceit and misplaced authority will come
  5. Hadith on Knowledge: The scholars are successors and inheritors of the prophets
  6. Umar II on Humility: The caliph commands his son to sell his valuable jewelry
  7. Hadith on Quran: Teach the Quran but do not use it to gain wealth
  8. Hadith on Kindness: Good character builds a house in Paradise and increases life
  9. Umar on Obedience: No better way to respond to sin than to obey Allah
  10. Ibn Mas’ud on Trials: O Allah, I seek refuge in you from misguiding trials
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  19. Hasan on Character: Good character is generosity, charity, and love
  20. Al-Baqir on Character: Kindness and good character are all that is good
  21. Raja on Islam: How excellent is Islam when it is adorned by faith
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  42. Hadith on Society: How can Allah support a nation who does not care for the weak?
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  49. Ayyub on Pardon: Nobility is in detachment from the world and in forgiveness
  50. Hadith on Eden: Allah forgives those who mixed evil and good deeds
  51. Ali on Faith: Patience is to faith like a head is to a body
  52. Hadith on Patience: Reward for patience at first strike is Paradise
  53. Hadith on Funerals: Muslims whose good is witnessed enter Paradise
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  64. Hadith on Sincerity: Muslims with sincere faith will never enter Hellfire forever
  65. Hadith on Sincerity: Whoever has sincere faith will never enter Hellfire forever
  66. Hadith on Sincerity: Allah accepts no good deeds unless they are sincere
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  73. Fudayl on Sincerity: The righteous became so by generosity, purity, and sincerity
  74. Hadith on Sincerity: The best act of worship is sincerity to Allah
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  79. Ibn Al-Mubarak on Sincerity: The best deed is to be sincere to Allah
  80. Junaid on Sincerity: Acts of sincerity lead to every door of righteousness
  81. Abu Sulaiman on Sincerity: Blessed are those who walk sincerely to Allah
  82. Umar on Sincerity: Whoever is sincere will have his affairs taken care of by Allah
  83. Ibn Mu’adh on Intention: Sincerity distinguishes good deeds from evil deeds
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  86. Hadith on Ostentation: Allah does not accept good deeds shared with partners
  87. Bilal on Hypocrisy: Do not show people two faces with an evil heart
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  94. Hadith on Intention: People are only judged by their intentions
  95. Hadith on Jihad: Only jihad for the right reason and method is rewarded
  96. Hadith on Intention: Religious deeds for the sake of the world have no reward
  97. Hadith on Sincerity: Make your deeds purely for Allah and no one else
  98. Hadith on Ostentation: Whoever worships to show off commits lesser idolatry
  99. Abu Al-Aliyah on Sincerity: Beware not to do good deeds for anyone besides Allah
  100. Mutarrif on Sincerity: The true servants of Allah are pure inwardly and outwardly
  101. Umar on Intention: The best action is to have a sincere intention with Allah
  102. Hadith on Idolatry: Beware the lesser idolatry, ostentation in worship
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  105. Al-Kattani on Islam: The religion of Allah is truth, justice, and honesty
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  108. Sufyan on Honesty: You must be truthful in everything you do
  109. Abu Ya’qub on Honesty: The honest person acts on truth in public and private
  110. Ath-Tha’labi on Piety: True piety is to not feel shame for anything in the heart
  111. Hadith on Sincerity: Good will and honest intentions protect from malice, deception
  112. Hadith on Tribulation: In the darkest of trials, stay inside and hide yourselves
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  127. Hadith on Reflection: Think deeply about the blessings of Allah
  128. Hadith on Reflection: Think about wonders in creation, but not Allah’s essence
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  141. Hadith on Charity: The man who gave charity to the thief and the prostitute
  142. Hadith on Prayers: Whoever keeps up the five prayers will never enter Hellfire
  143. Hadith on Prayer: Aisha finds the Prophet praying at night
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  152. Consider These Ahadith..
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  155. How Strong Are You?
  156. On The Successful One.
  157. The 2 Marvelous Phrases.
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  160. Wonderful...
  161. Hadith on Health: All praise to Allah who has given me well-being
  162. Seeking The Beloved.
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  165. Heart Of The Qur'an.
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  174. The Power of Istighfar.
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  179. Hadith on Praise: Exalt, glorify, and praise Allah before asking in prayer
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  184. Hadith on Hypocrisy: The Prophet refuses to kill a hypocrite among them
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  191. Hadith on Wisdom: The Prophet’s wise advice for Abu Dharr
  192. Ahmed on Character: Part of good character is to be patient and retrain anger
  193. Hadith on Righteousness: The Prophet’s sword contained righteous sayings
  194. Hadith on Aggression: The Prophet’s sword condemns unjust killing
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  205. Hadith on Character: A house in paradise for those with honesty and character
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  210. Hadith on Unlawful: Protect yourself with a barrier of what is lawful
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  213. Sufyan on Taqwa: Righteousness is to love people as yourself
  214. Hadith on Quran: Readers of the Quran never enter Hellfire
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  221. Hadith on Charity: The Prophet commands charity for all people
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  228. Ibn Abbas on Deeds: Good deeds bring light and evil deeds bring darkness
  229. Hadith on Salvation: The best deed for salvation is to remember Allah
  230. Hadith on Remembrance: Nothing saves you like the remembrance of Allah
  231. Hadith on Praise: Write for him an abundance of love and mercy
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  233. Daily Hadith
  234. Shaqiq on Destiny: O Allah, erase our evil destiny and record us among the blessed
  235. Ibn Mas’ud on Providence: O Allah, affirm me among the blessed
  236. Umar on Fate: O Allah, if my fate is evil then change it
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  238. Daily Hadith
  239. Hadith on Providence: Every day Allah attends to some matters
  240. Hadith on Providence: You must act right to gain the rewards of Paradise
  241. Hadith on Providence: All must act to fulfill their destinies
  242. Hadith on Providence: The pens have dried upon the knowledge of Allah
  243. Fudayl on Moderation: Too much food and sleep hardens the heart
  244. Hadith on Silence: The Prophet’s wise silence at times of controversy
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  246. Daily Hadith
  247. Aisha on Charity: The Prophet’s wife was amazingly charitable and ascetic
  248. Hadith on Cooking: Recommendation to eat food after it cools down
  249. Hadith on Thoughts: Rejection of evil whisperings is a sign of pure faith
  250. Hadith on Thoughts: Rejection of bad thoughts is a sign of sincere faith