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  1. Infallibility of the Prophets
  2. He is asking about the meaning of the word “Mahammadim” in the Song of Solomon in the
  3. He is asking about increasing the size of the space that the believer will have in Pa
  4. He is asking about the significance of incorruptibility of the body after death of th
  5. Ruling on using money, stamps and letters on which there are images representing kufr
  6. Importance of reflection and taking stock of oneself
  7. Her guardians refused to arrange her marriage, so the local imam did the marriage con
  8. Commentary on the hadith “People are like a hundred camels, among which you can hardl
  9. Ruling on working as a tax adviser
  10. Do ultrasound images of a pregnant woman come under the same ruling as images of ‘awr
  11. Refutation of those who claim that the hadiths which speak of executing the apostate
  12. He is asking about reinterpreting the Qur’an and Sunnah to suit the age
  13. How Long Am I Considered a Traveler? (Shafi’i)
  14. Should I Buy Halal Food for My Cats? [Shafi’i]
  15. Is Junk Food Impermissible?
  16. What Is the Correct and Reasonable Way to Repay Money That Has Been Stolen? (Shafi‘i)
  17. What Is the Wisdom Behind Reciting Aloud in Some Prayers?
  18. My Friend’s Husband Walks Around in Pyjamas. What Can She Do?
  19. Are Loose Feathers and Bird Feces Pure? (Shafi’i)
  20. Is It Allowed to Marry a Christian Woman? (Shafi’i)
  21. Is It Permissible to Eat With the Left Hand If the Right Hand Is Unclean? (Shafi’i)
  22. Should I Maintain Eye Contact When Greeting Someone?
  23. He said to his wife: “I divorce you” or “I am divorcing you”
  24. Refutation of those who quote the Holy Qur’an to reject the Sunnah and justify not ac
  25. Ruling on saying “good luck” or “bad luck”
  26. She has gone to her family’s home and is claiming that she is not married because the
  27. Studying fiqh according to a particular madhhab, and advanced books about tafseer and
  28. It is Sunnah for the one who recites the verse Sabbih isma Rabbika al-A‘la to say Sub
  29. Guidelines on seeking permission to enter
  30. There is no contradiction between the description of the Qur’an as being clear and ex
  31. Ruling on using a water purification system that wastes a lot of water
  32. Some of the Sahaabah (may Allah be pleased with them) who memorised the Book of Allah
  33. There is a girl who wants to embrace Islam but she is afraid of her family’s mistreat
  34. Is it permissible for him to take Canadian nationality because of persecution in his
  35. Reasons for the difference of opinion among the fuqaha’ about reciting behind the ima
  36. Ruling on working for a company that delivers various kinds of documents and parcels
  37. Evidence for the prescription of udhiyah, and whether it is obligatory or recommended
  38. Is it permissible for the wife to save some of her money and her husband’s money with
  39. He divorced her thrice during a period of purity in which he had had intercourse with
  40. Is the wife entitled to a monthly allowance?
  41. How did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) braid his hair when it
  42. Refutation of the specious argument which suggests that it is permissible to work in
  43. A Christian woman had a civil marriage, and she wants to have an Islamic marriage wit
  44. What does it mean to say that affirming a divine attribute dictates negation of its o
  45. He is living alone and has no job, and he is blaming Islam
  46. If his non-Muslim relative says to him I love you, can he respond in like manner?
  47. Does he interrupt a person’s prayer if he stretches his arm out to pick up something
  48. Is the husband obliged to spend on his wife if she is working? Does he have the right
  49. What is the ruling on eating vanilla when it is immersed in alcohol during preparatio
  50. His father gave him money for his university fees but he spent it on other things
  51. 72 branches of Riba
  52. the last ayats of surah al Baqarah
  53. Ruling on having one’s tubes tied or having a hysterectomy because pregnancy exhausts
  54. He took a student loan and did not know that it is haraam
  55. He wants to take out a loan with interest to set up a business that will benefit poor
  56. Suggested alternatives to electronic games
  57. If the spouses disagree as to whether divorce has happened or not, then what counts i
  58. The difference between hamd (praise) and shukr (thanks)
  59. Is the hadith “If there were to be a Prophet after me, it would be ‘Umar” saheeh?
  60. The hadith “At the beginning of every century Allah will send to this ummah someone w
  61. What is the ruling on saying “Praise be to Allah to the ultimate degree”?
  62. Ruling on covering up for someone who committed sin
  63. Artificial rainfall – facts and scholarly opinions
  64. Guidelines on taking means and measures
  65. Is it permissible to rent property in order to give it as collateral for a loan?
  66. How can the Muslim begin to seek knowledge?
  67. Saying 'Bismillah' when a child starts eating
  68. He vowed to give charity if he recovered the money that was owed to him, and he recov
  69. Oppressors monetary support
  70. Why companions not asked prophet to give their wealth to prophet when he is poor!?
  71. Ruling on ‘aqeeqah for a foundling
  72. The mahram relationship is not established if there is any doubt about the number of
  73. Ruling on her sitting with her non-Muslim parents when they are drinking alcohol
  74. They found a dead woman in India and do not know whether she was a Muslim or a disbel
  75. He stole some money from his family when he was younger; can he return it to them by
  76. Is it obligatory to tell a suitor that the woman was previously divorced in a marriag
  77. Ruling on working as a baker in a restaurant that serves alcohol in a western country
  78. He has a sister who is not Muslim; she wants to take a riba-based loan then give him
  79. Can Allah be described as having protective jealousy (gheerah)? Can it be said that A
  80. Is it prescribed for the imam to greet the people in the mosque when he comes in?
  81. Will a divorced woman attain the same reward as the widow who raised her children?
  82. Can he pray two rak‘ahs with more than one niyyah (intention)?
  83. The difference between major sins and minor sins
  84. A plea for help from a mother whose son was righteous then he became an atheist
  85. Honour your mother, but do not disobey your father!
  86. 234196 Is it permissible to work in a company whose computer software are copied? Que
  87. Is it permissible to complete the Qur’an every day? How are we to understand the prov
  88. Soundness of the hadith which says that Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, desce
  89. He wants to marry a non-Muslim woman who became Muslim, but her husband has not divor
  90. Guidelines on permissible and unlawful work in the West
  91. Ruling on zakaah on money in a charitable fund
  92. The virtue of remembering Allah (dhikr), may He be exalted; is everyone who remembers
  93. Serious consequences of falling short in raising children
  94. Deeds that will weigh heavily in the balance
  95. Ruling on giving the reward for righteous deeds to all the Muslims
  96. What is the best approach to provide a proper Islamic education?
  97. Ruling on buying gold over the phone and receiving it one or two days later
  98. She lost a lot of weight due to illness; is it permissible for her not to fast?
  99. Ruling on injections and intravenous fluids for one who is fasting, and the impact of
  100. If a person formed the intention to fast from the night before, then he ate several t
  101. The reward for spending on one’s wife and children
  102. If a traveller is not sure whether he should fast or not, then he decides to fast aft
  103. Concealing righteous deeds, and rejoicing in people’s praise for them
  104. Meaning of the phrase “(Ta‘aala jadduka (Exalted by Your Majesty)” in du‘aa’ al-istif
  105. Ruling on sending pictures of water, juice and food to a fasting person to annoy him
  106. He is working in Europe and has wealth in euros and in pounds in his own country; how
  107. Flexibility in paying the fidyah for an elderly person who cannot fast; it may be pai
  108. Righteous deeds in Makkah are better than those done elsewhere, but we do not know to
  109. How to purify the Mus-haf of impurity that has gotten onto it
  110. Ruling on selling groceries during the day in Ramadan
  111. He appointed his sister to distribute his zakaah but she refused to do it; does he ha
  112. Is it permissible for one who is sick to have intercourse with his Christian wife dur
  113. His deputy gave the zakaah of his wealth in the form of foodstuff; is that acceptable
  114. If there is an error in the moon sighting, and it is proven that we did not fast on o
  115. The addition of the word “kareem” in the du‘aa’ of Laylat al-Qadr is not proven
  116. Is it permissible for a charity to give out zakat al-fitr before receiving it from do
  117. Guideline on moving from fasting to feeding the poor in the case of expiation for int
  118. She did not fast because she was unaware that fasting was obligatory for her; does sh
  119. Is one niyyah (intention) sufficient for making up missed fasts if one intends to do
  120. Can a divorced woman pay zakaat al-fitr on behalf of herself and her children to thei
  121. Ruling on doing righteous deeds with the aim of worldly gain
  122. Ruling on recording university lectures without the permission of the lecturer
  123. Ruling on living in an apartment above a church
  124. Ruling on making money by surfing websites and ads, and making referrals
  125. The company tells him to charge more for a ticket if the customer uses a credit card
  126. If he says to his wife, “Divorce [talaaq]” or “You are divorce”
  127. Devilish whispers – their causes and remedy
  128. None of the hadiths about the timing of cupping are saheeh
  129. Is he sinning if he ignores the view of someone who gave him a fatwa because he did n
  130. Ruling on consuming foods containing lanolin
  131. Criticising someone in his presence or in his absence
  132. Ruling on bones from non-halal meat and vessels made from them
  133. Is there a contradiction between being created to worship Allah and being created in
  134. Scholarly consensus (ijmaa‘) as binding proof and the first consensus that occurred i
  135. A Christian woman wants to stipulate that if they become Muslim, her husband should n
  136. If he did ‘umrah during the months of Hajj, intending to do Hajj in the same year, is
  137. Entering ihram from the miqaat is one of the obligatory parts of Hajj
  138. Can a woman tie a cover over her face when in ihram?
  139. Conditions and obligatory parts of tawaf
  140. She did Hajj ifraad with her husband and they failed to do sa‘i
  141. What is the ruling on doing tawaf and sa‘i in the electric scooters in the Haram?
  142. She got her menses before doing tawaf al-ifaadah and could not stay in Makkah
  143. He did ‘umrah several times but did not do sa‘i, then he got married
  144. Is it essential to form a specific intention (niyyah) for tawaf?
  145. Should the fidyah for committing an act prohibited whilst in ihram be paid in the Har
  146. Is it permissible to offer the hadiy of tamattu‘ outside the Haram?
  147. Specialties in scientific and technological fields, the ummah’s need for them, and gu
  148. How to offer the eclipse prayer
  149. What should a menstruating woman do when there is an eclipse?
  150. Ruling on working as a programmer for a company that sells some unlawful items
  151. Buying a share (in an animal) for the udhiyah, sharing with one who wants to offer a
  152. He vowed to fast for an entire month; can he make it Dhu’l-Hijjah?
  153. He is assailed by doubts because he no longer focuses on his prayer
  154. Did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) touch the Black Stone in e
  155. He did sa‘i on the day of Eid and delayed tawaf al-ifaadah until the following day
  156. He got sick on the day of Eid; should he delegate someone to stone the Jamrah on his
  157. Ruling on naming a daughter after her mother
  158. Ruling on working in a pharmacy in which some of the medicines contain haraam ingredi
  159. One type of disbelief (kufr) is disbelief because of doubt
  160. Ruling on participating in a social solidarity fund for a group of doctors
  161. If the husband disappears without a trace, who is obliged to spend on his wife?
  162. Ruling on the wealth of an Alzheimer’s patient who entrusted it to the care of someon
  163. Ruling on working in a pharmacy and making or selling medicines containing alcohol or
  164. She does not like the name that her husband chose for the baby girl, and she calls he
  165. He made divorce conditional upon something, then he forgot what it was
  166. Khushoo‘ (proper focus and humility) in prayer
  167. Watching animated movies and shows that contain matters contrary to Islamic belief or
  168. Who is the accountable person who must enter Islam, and follow its teachings?
  169. What are the husband’s obligations towards his children and his ex-wife who has custo
  170. Leaving Treatment for a Terminally Ill Child Expected to Die at a Certain Age
  171. Is the Arab Muslim better than the non-Arab Muslim?
  172. What are the hindrances to faith and what promotes it?
  173. How to form frendships
  174. Will there be any good left at times of tribulation? And how can one protect oneself
  175. What is the ruling on someone who describes another person as a Jew, meaning that he
  176. Rulings for one who is late for the congregational prayer
  177. He said to her “I divorce you” or “You are divorced” with the intention of threatenin
  178. a seeker of knowledge conveys to people the fatwas of scholars in response to their q
  179. Why children rebel against parents and how to deal with it
  180. He prayed in a direction opposite to the qiblah out of ignorance
  181. Is it acceptable for his salary to be a percentage of the income of the dentist’s cli
  182. Ruling on promoting Amazon products, and the ruling on use of cookies
  183. Is it permissible to allow some of his children to build on the land to the exclusion
  184. On the issue of whether ignorance is a valid excuse
  185. Warning against jokes that mock some verses of the Qur’an
  186. Obstacles to marriage: are they all valid excuses for young people who want to get ma
  187. How sound are the reports that the du‘aa’ of the pregnant woman is accepted?
  188. The soundness of the hadith “O Allah, Who relieves worry and distress…”
  189. Guidelines concerning implicit phrases of divorce
  190. He agrees to do jobs such as writing, translating and designing, then he hires someon
  191. The obligatory parts and sunnahs of wudoo’
  192. She became Muslim recently, and she appointed a Muslim man as her guardian, and he ma
  193. Ruling on wiping over shoes
  194. Is it obligatory to entrust all our affairs to Allah?
  195. False messages about the special characteristics of some soorahs of the Qur’an
  196. How can the Muslim rid himself of a bad attitude and acquire a good attitude?
  197. Does cutting hair on the sides of the head only come under the heading of qaza‘?
  198. Ruling on giving chickens antibiotics that may harm those who eat them
  199. Warning about da‘eef hadiths that speak of the virtues of some soorahs of the Qur’an
  200. Guidelines for lawyers
  201. How can I advise my son who is going to start school, about the dangers he may face,
  202. If someone listens to Soorat al-Mulk before going to sleep, will he receive the same
  203. Ruling on cashback offers with credit cards
  204. The management at work force him to wear a uniform that has a cross on it
  205. She grew up stealing, and she doesn’t pray or fast, but she wants to repent
  206. Ruling on selling a game account with its points and levels
  207. Someone believes that the awliya’ are our protectors, and he quotes a verse from the
  208. He sells an item that he does not own on the Internet, and asks the distributor to sh
  209. Ruling on buying a product from a website in which the description contains mockery o
  210. Repentance from having taken his sisters’ share of the inheritance
  211. What does Islam say about the phenomenon of déjà vu? What should a person do if that
  212. Is it permissible to rent an apartment to two Christian women, with whom there is a C
  213. The time of his lecture coincides with the time of Jumu‘ah prayer
  214. If a Christian congratulates a Muslim on special occasions, how should he respond?
  215. He is investing money in a company that will give him 3% of his capital for a period
  216. He wants to know that hadiths that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon
  217. Ruling on giving zakaah to a children’s cancer hospital
  218. Was al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) a man who married and divorced
  219. If a garment touches another garment on which there is some najaasah that is wet, is
  220. Ruling on consuming carrageenan
  221. Prophet Zakariyya’s sponsorship of Maryam
  222. Giving charity to a charitable hospital that is owned by a man with a bad reputation
  223. Ruling on removing hair from the ear with fire
  224. Ruling on meat slaughtered by an uncircumcised person
  225. Ruling on accepting the compensation estimated by the owner of the car showroom
  226. Affirmation of mahram relationship, even when there is a difference of religion
  227. Ruling on working for UberEATS (delivering food that may be halal or haram)
  228. Ruling on marriage for a woman who has a genetic defect and on contraception because
  229. Her husband spends his wealth on haraam things; can she take some of it without his k
  230. Ruling on the student imposing a financial penalty on students who fall short
  231. How can he complete what he starts?
  232. Ruling on the teacher imposing a financial penalty on students who fall short
  233. He did not utter the word of divorce or write it down, but he asked the lawyer to iss
  234. He was entrusted with something and did not take proper care of it, and he has no wea
  235. Who are the people of the Qur’an who are the people of Allah and the closest to Him?
  236. Mourning for the husband, and what is required during this period according to the fo
  237. Are wudoo’ and ghusl valid when there is dried blood on a wound?
  238. Ruling on the allowance that the state gives her to look after an orphan
  239. Does he have to return the money that his brother spent on him?
  240. Ruling on giving zakaah to charitable organisations that help displaced people and mi
  241. The ruling on adding “ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem” when mentioning the name of Allah before
  242. Going to horoscope pages and channels in order to refute them
  243. The virtue of catching up with the opening takbeer is not cancelled out by putting tw
  244. He owns a gold watch; how can he dispose of it in such a way that he does not commit
  245. What is meant by saying “Allah is in heaven”
  246. He owns half of the company’s capital and takes an extra percentage in return for man
  247. Physical action is an essential part of faith without which faith is not sound
  248. How sound is the hadith about the virtue of shaking hand with one’s wife when enterin
  249. He receives dollars from a customer in America to exchange them for pounds in his cou
  250. What are the means of making death, the grave and the Day of Resurrection stations of