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  1. The punishment for not praying
  2. Paradise
  3. I got another job offer, I'm not sure if it is haram or Halal
  4. Feeling treated unfair by Allah
  5. Questions for Muslims
  6. Ummahat-ul-Mu`mineen
  7. Malfoozat
  8. Thunderous noises
  9. more math help
  10. the hellfire
  11. قصص من التاريخ الإسلامي والعربي (Arabic Videos)
  12. Are games haram?
  13. the realm after death
  14. Don't insult others
  15. Bring your green thumbs to this thread please
  16. My mistake of idolizing dating.....
  17. Best Shafi'i Fiqh
  18. Dead Heart
  19. Social message of Islam
  20. Concentration during Salat; Gratitude towards Allah (swt)
  21. Sincerity
  22. Social Media in the life of a Muslim
  23. Responsible Polygamy vs Irresponsible
  24. Is it haram to learn MMA?
  25. is drawing on paint and posting picture of it on facebook,youtube etc haram
  26. I reaaaaaallly messed up
  27. I need help, i messed up and don't know if i should recieve punishment
  28. non alcoholic drinks?
  29. How to keep the hereafter in view?
  30. A question was asked to married sisters!
  31. Faith in humanity restored
  32. Are you a leftist?
  33. Please make Duaa that Allah SWT has mercy on my grandpa
  34. My Mother - How Much I love Her
  35. How do stop myself arguing with my father?
  36. Watch this if you're depressed
  37. Arguing for the sake if arguing
  38. Still desperate and lost and anxious and unhappy. Please all duaas!
  39. POVERTY, ILLNESS, OLD AGE, solution
  40. Gelatine
  41. Writing Contest Entries 2016 Voting Thread
  42. Writing Competition Discussion Thread
  43. Hotel opinion
  44. What does naseeb mean to you?
  45. I want to name my future son Muawiyah..
  46. Madinah arabic part 2
  47. Fatwas of Ibn Baz
  48. Arabic (Book): Essentials of Arabic Grammar for Learning Quranic Language
  49. Arabic (Book): Basic Arabic
  50. Arabic (Book): Arabic–English Thematic Lexicon
  51. Video(Fatwa): Ruling on the Hadith About Giving the Adhaan in the Ear of a Newborn Ch
  52. Video(Fatwa): On Giving the Adhaan in the Ear of a Newborn Child - Sheikh Al Albaani
  53. Arabic (Books and Audio): Madinah Arabic
  54. Arabic (Website): ArabicFirst
  55. Arabic (Book): Work-sheets for writing the Arabic Alphabet
  56. Arabic (Book): 101 A Hundred and One Rules*Arabic grammar
  57. A former British soldier sent bomb threats to mosques: “Next time it will be a bomb,
  58. Time for a Saudi Rethink
  59. India seeking to ban Triple Talaq
  60. How to become accrediated umra operator in australia
  61. Islamic cities/communities in non-Muslim countires...
  62. Papa Turk
  63. An old method used to discover the speritual illness ( Ayn, Hassad, Mess, Siher)
  64. Using services of Peers or certain practicers
  65. Arguing for the sake of arguing
  66. The Law of Attraction in Islam
  67. How to resign as a godparent?
  68. Five things important to your marriage?
  69. An old method used to discover the speritual illness ( Ayn, Hassad, Mess, Siher)
  70. London Prestige FEB UMRAH PACKAGE 2017
  71. UF Cooking Competition Suggestion
  72. Dua request
  73. I need serious help here
  74. Geopolitical analysis 2017: Middle East
  75. Statements of aslaf ra
  76. An old method used to discover the speritual illness ( Ayn, Hassad, Mess, Siher)
  77. Video(Fatwa): Ruling on the Hadith About Giving the Adhaan in the Ear of a Newborn Ch
  78. Video(Fatwa): On Giving the Adhaan in the Ear of a Newborn Child - Sheikh Al Albaani
  79. Box of Good Deeds
  80. Beaware of destinations addiction
  81. LIVE Q&A With Abu Mus'ab - Thursday 19th January 2017 8:30PM UK TIME
  82. What's a friend to you?
  83. English teacher job in Saudi without a degree
  84. Why the Ummah is Disgraced ...
  85. How do you pronounce 'Mogadishu'?
  86. "Najashi did not rule by Shariah but was still a Muslim"
  87. Do you know how to do arabic calligraphy?
  88. dua request
  89. Help with math question! urgent :D
  90. Please would anyone tell me how do grammar schools succeed?
  91. Arabic (Program): ReadWrite Arabic ( software )
  92. In remembrance of the affairs of death and doomsday
  93. Wishes in jannah
  94. Please if anyone could lend an ear....
  95. What should i do until then
  96. Are you satisfied with Bread machine?
  97. Worrying is useless
  98. No, No need of mahram...
  99. Can't View Activity Stream on Phone
  100. will Allah help me get married?
  101. when is riba accepted ?
  102. Morocco Prohibits Sale of Burqa
  103. Who is Umrah Expert ? I Found on Ummah
  104. Attending Quran Khwani
  105. Articles (Manhaj): Calling oneself a ‘Salafi’ - Sheikh al-Albaani
  106. Islam4U HD
  107. Welcome to Islam4U HD
  108. Story of a Human
  109. Pharaoh circumcision
  110. KSA lifts reduction in Hajj quota
  111. Hijab related question, mainly for sisters.
  112. Arabic male want your openion?discussion)
  113. Ladies Only! Child care
  114. My marriage
  115. Am I gonna get arrested?
  116. Why do certain threads get locked?
  117. Hijab related question
  118. Mental Health Issues & Having Tawakkul?
  119. Owner of Kiwi Farms, Joshua Conner Moon says he was to genocide Muslims
  120. Quarter Juz Weekly
  121. Who was she..?
  122. What do Men and Women fear the most when it comes to the opposite gender?
  123. Personal Arrogance Checklist [SCARY STUFF!]
  124. Why am I getting so much opportunities to worm for riba based industries?
  125. Stoicism
  126. Yall finna get angry for this Q
  127. What can be said for sure about a man who meets you alone?
  128. Is the trinity doctrine divinely inspired?
  129. I need urgent help on making a decision to do with war and the military
  130. What are your top 5 islamic youtube channels?
  131. Enjoy your life
  132. Health effects of eating food while watching TV
  133. Islaamic Quiz
  134. Red m&ms
  135. Aqeeqah or qurban ?
  136. ummahboard.com test 4
  137. Need Your Help Please:
  138. Low Cost Hotels Near The Haram
  139. Point to put on ihraam when traveling from Pakistan?
  140. Job in an abortion clinic is this wrong?
  141. Luftansa
  142. Islam and the matrix
  143. What would you do if someone insults Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى in your face?
  144. young women and have a bald crown patch before marriage! help please!!!
  145. Real Knowledge
  146. Are vaccination certs only acceptable from country where Umrah visa will be issued?
  147. ??? ? ???? ?? ????? ?? ???? ???
  148. I'm scared of leaving the Gulen movement, but want to....
  149. Desperate, Depressed, great Dilemmas! :(
  150. Rebecca in Islam
  151. يمطوه من شعشاع غير مودن
  152. Anyone suffered from mental issues as a result of fake raqis/false diagnosis?
  153. UF Cooking Competition (OMELETTE) - 1st Round (Test Run)
  154. Powerful Duas in Islam
  155. Muslim Fearing Death
  156. Poem
  157. Is it wrong to say you aren't being tested as much as those in Rohingya, Syria etc?
  158. Bottled water
  159. Not sure if i did kufr
  160. Duaa in need and desperate
  161. very confused and lost
  162. A Literary Challenge: “Bring Something Like It”
  163. ???? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???
  164. If you keep hitting snooze on your alarm...
  165. Ex-Husband beats baby to make mother go back
  166. End of music
  167. Opinions on the ruling of Music
  168. major sins - Imam Shams-ud-deen Dhahabi
  169. Tawheed series
  170. advice please
  171. What's your most embarassing moment when being an imam?
  172. Illness is creating problems for my salaat, advice needed?
  173. Something I want to understand...
  174. The grave and judgement day
  175. Who is currently in Jannah?
  176. Arriving late to Jummah salah
  177. story of an islander who was an idol worshiper !
  178. Recruiting Posters for Islamic Facebook page.
  179. Share your Iman here
  180. Wearing hijab?
  181. My defence AND SOME information you should know.
  182. Is Is true That Almost Half The World Muslims Are Neither Sunni Nor Shia?
  183. Saudi Airlines Economy flights
  184. Somali town bans lavish wedding spending
  185. What's Your Favourite Dua?
  186. How should I deal with an oppressive mother?
  187. Can you recite Quran if you don't know tajweed?
  188. How bad is zina, and why?
  189. My family and friends dont want me to use this site or go to halakhas.....
  190. Desperate!!! Please please please!
  191. Hope for Certain Polytheist evens at death. Verse from the Quran.
  192. If you are lonely or you can't get married in life. Here is a solution.
  193. The Hell
  194. Place to Buy Boots/shoes at Reasonable Price online.
  195. A Literary Challenge: “Bring Something Like It”
  196. As A Young Muslimah, How do I Leave A Positive Legacy For the Ummah?
  197. Learning Arabic Language for New Muslims
  198. Where do you see yourself now?
  199. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  200. Anyone else enjoying the feud between the Democrats and Republicans?
  201. Question Reputation lack of comments
  202. Freaky Maths
  203. Everyone is selfish
  204. Scared of marriage!!!
  205. moving to middle east
  206. Wisdom tooth removal
  207. Lectures
  208. We Will Never Unite With The Rafidah - Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril
  209. Would it be sinful not to take advantage of the opportunities I have
  210. Looking for a book by Yahya Emerick
  211. Israeli riwayat
  212. Repentance of Firawn.
  213. Help rebuild masjid just destroyed by arson
  214. What happens if Allah performs miracles for you?
  215. If zodiac signs are shirk, why are they scarily accurate?
  216. Creatures of Classification
  217. day of judgement
  218. I feel lost and just so regretful and hate myself for what I've done.
  219. Wanted to pray on time but distractions
  220. The letter of Hz Umar :ra: to the river Nile
  221. How hard is Arabic?
  222. Because of some ignorant people i am looking for a hadith i think i read before
  223. Jamat Tableigh
  224. To feel of allah In the heart
  225. Managing time with sports.
  226. Islamically are you alloweed to go to lectures and lessons by scholars of different
  227. who would to like people to allah
  228. If you have bad character, how should you improve it?
  229. Is it haram to neuter a cat?
  230. 12 Ways to treat anger (Sharia-Compliant)
  231. Sufi Shaykhs contact with Allah?
  232. Putting blood on doors/tires?
  233. Do you think the 6 heavens are detectable?
  234. Forgive Me
  235. Potential has all the right qualities...but you're not physically attracted to them.
  236. Prayer
  237. GATEWAY TO KNOWLEDGE -A FREE pre Alimah program in Urdu for Women | Jan 17 | Register
  238. Shias scholars revert to Islam
  239. The brother who said the beast will emerge a lot earlier than expected.
  240. Starting Qur'an Classes Soon Insha'Allah, Duas Please
  241. Dolled up hijabi or the fully covered ones
  242. Ummah Forums an awesome place..
  243. Question about first umrah
  244. Quesion about dua
  245. Performing umrah in order to make Dua'a.
  246. Recommend me some lectures + literature
  247. Your mother.
  248. What if people don't want to change... you can't nag them constantly, live and let
  249. For my sisters: Single, Lonely & Muslim
  250. Why do men like to try to change a women?